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Corporate philosophy

Marine transportation professionals, at the forefront of the logistics industry

The blue sea stretching as far as the eye can see, limitless clear skies, cargo ships plying in the offing and the sight of Yokohama on the opposite shore, these make up the environs of Tomijima Unyu In keeping with our motto of “Safety, reliability, and promptness”, we have been serving our customers since our founding more than half a century ago in 1948, by providing transportation for their advanced technologies to worldwide destinations.
In parallel with the high level of development of the Japanese economy, in recent years, the demands of society on the logistic industry have become diversified and sophisticated.
In order to respond to such demands, we have utilized our wide ranging experience and established what we call the ‘Tomijima Total Transportation System’, which is an efficient total transportation system that includes the transportation itself, packing for export, warehousing, customs clearance, and loading on board a ship, as well as provision for our clients of information on overseas users.
Furthermore, in an effort to preserve our rich environment to hand down to our next generation, we have been actively involved in research and development of technologies for environmental protection. One of the fruits of these activities was the introduction of our original ‘steel cases’, designed with the problem of deforestation in mind.
Looking forward to a brighter future, we are committed to continuing to play the vital role of transporting to the world the state-of-the-art technologies in which our country takes such great pride. We will continue to offer the best transportation system available while protecting the global environment.

Environmental initiatives

Global environmental protection is also our mission.

The sea is indispensable for international logistics.
It is our job at Tomishima Transport to carefully protect the sea without polluting it.
We will continue to talk with the earth and aim for an earth-friendly transportation system.

Original steel case

We were the first in the packing industry to introduce steel, and we manufacture our original steel cases at the Yokohama Logistics Center.
The CAD system enables accurate packaging design, so the steel material is not wasted.
By reducing the conventional wooden box packaging, we are also considering forest protection.
We are also working on CO2 reduction by researching new materials and packaging specifications and transporting barges.

Hybrid packing

Hybrid packaging is a packaging that makes the best use of the advantages of wood packaging and steel packaging. We are constantly taking on the challenge of researching new materials and packaging specifications that are not bound by the current framework.
In addition, research on new materials and packaging specifications and efforts to transport barges have led to CO2 reduction.


Reliable and safe Tomishima Transport

AEO certified business operator

In 2018, we met strict security standards and were certified as an AEO Specified Bonded Approver by Yokohama Customs. By receiving the certification, you can realize the simple and quick customs clearance procedure for the cargo received from the customer.

G mark certification business

Our company has been certified as an "excellent business establishment for safety" promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. We maintain the certification, comply with no accidents and violations, and carry out safe transportation operations every day, so please feel free to leave the goods to us.

Green management certification acquisition business operator

We have been certified as a green management by the "Transportation Ecology and Mobility Foundation" as an environment-friendly business operator that actively works to reduce CO2 emissions in factories and transportation.

Company profile

Corporate name Tomijima Unyu Co., Ltd.
Head office 2-20 Sachiura 1-chome, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 236-0003
Representative Shozaburo Yagi, Representative Director Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Uchida Hirohisa, Representative Director President
Establishment November 16, 1948
Capital ¥60,000,000
End of period of accounting March 31 (annually)
Line of business
  1. Harbor transportation service
  2. Marine transportation freight handling business
  3. Coastwise service transport handling business
  4. Customs brokerage
  5. Warehousing
  6. Intermodal transportation
  7. Truck transportation
  8. Road freight forwarding
  1. (International and domestic) air freight forwarding
  2. Designing, implementing, supervising and contracting of construction and civil engineering work
  3. Painting
  4. Packing
  5. Transportation business
  6. Production of wooden crates and boxes
  7. Any services incidental or relating to any of the preceding items
Registration license
  • General harbor transportation business(Keihin port 1-2090)
  • General freight truck transportation(EnterpriseNO470002064)
  • Customs brokerage at
    Yokohama Customs Office(The 1,014th order)
    Tokyo Customs Office(The 344th order)
  • Bonded storage places
    Yokohama Distribution Center(The 53rd supervision order)
    Yokohama No. 2 Distribution Center(The 163rd supervision order)
    Numazu Distribution Center(No. 61)
  • Domestic marine freight forwarding business(No. 1001)
  • Heavy structure
    dismantling/assembling/installation(Governor of Kanagawa construction industry registration wa-5858)
  • Warehousing business(The 1,132th order)


Company history

1948 Nov. Company founded in Yokohama with a capitalization of one million yen.
1960 Strengthening of overland transportation business through the purchase of additional trailers and trucks designed to carry heavy industrial machines and steel products.
1962 Capital increases to 5 million yen.
1963 Capital increases to 10 million yen.
1964 Construction of the new Numazu Business Office in Shimizu-machi, Shizuoka Prefecture, with operation commencing in March. Addition of a packing plant (site area: 2,668.45 m²).
1966 Capital increases to 20 million yen.
1969 Mar. Capital increases to 25 million yen.
Sep. Opening of Osaka Office.
Nov. Completion of Yokohama Honmoku Wharf Plant and commencement of operation.
1976 Introduction of computerized design of structural members for packing.
1978 Expansion of the Honmoku Plant (building area of 3,043.50 m²); expansion of the Honmoku Wharf Plant
1979 Establishment of Tomijima Shoji Co., Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary.
(Capital of 10 million yen)
1981 Opening of Kanazawa Plant (building area: 3,768 m²)
1984 Beginning of steel packing operations at Honmoku Plant, making Tomijima Unyu the first company in the Kanto region to offer this capability. Completion, thereafter, of research and development work on unique steel case.
1986 Acquiring a license as a customs broker at the Tokyo Customs Office
1990 Capital increases (to 60 million yen)
1991 Establishment of the Kobe Field Office.
1996 Establishment of the Sachiura Distribution Center (site area: 6,000 m²)
◇Steel packing and container operations transferred from the Honmoku Plant to the center. Honmoku Plant renamed to the ‘Honmoku Panel Center’, which will specialize in the production of steel panels.
1998 50th anniversary since the company’s founding.
2000 Mar. Opening of the Yokohama Distribution Center (popularly called as the Green Center).
◇The center boasts a site area of 17,774 m² and a building area of 11,350 m², equipped with a 130-ton overhead crane and forklift trucks with a capacity of up to 35 tons, making it a true logistic terminal capable of handling heavy lifts.
◇On the occasion of the opening of the center, the Honmoku Panel Center is closed and the Kanazawa Plant renamed to the Yokohama No. 2 Distribution Center (popularly called as the Orange Center).
2001 Apr. Acquiring a license as a customs broker at the Nagoya Customs Office.
2004 Jan. The Numazu Distribution acquires certification for ISO14001.
2007 Apr. Opening of the Numazu Distribution Center at Futaba-cho, Numazu City.
2008 60th anniversary since the company’s founding.
2010 Mar. Establishment of the Tomijima Unyu CO.,LTD. A Wood heat treatment Center.
◇Wood heat treatment equipment of national plant quarantine association Corp authorization is introduced, and it corresponds to quarantine organization.
2012 May. Expansion of the Yokohama Distribution Center E building. (The center boasts a site area of 9,332m²)
◇While achieving expansion of the Warehouse function, robotization of steel panel manufacture is extended.
1966 Capital increases to 20 million yen.
2018 Returned customs business license to Tokyo Customs to consolidate the customs duties of the Tokyo sales office to the Yokohama sales office
Aug. Acquired AEO (Specific Bonded Approver)
Nov. 70th anniversary of company establishment
2020 Sep. Kobe Field Office closed. Business integration into Tokyo sales office.

Organization chart

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